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TreasurePlay is an innovative real-world treasure-hunting concept for mobile devices and the Web.

Currently under development, TreasurePlay falls into the genre loosely known as Alternate Reality Games, or ARG.

In its most basic sense, TreasurePlay is a cross-platform, social-networking service built around a series of casual and puzzle games, with the objective of locating real-world prizes and rewards.

Each TreasurePlay mobile title will consist of puzzle-based minigames. While the games can be played and enjoyed on a stand-alone basis, their larger function is to provide keys used to unlock additional Web-based puzzles.

These puzzles, in turn, yield the clues required to locate the hidden prizes.

TreasurePlay offers a unique and compelling form of entertainment, and as such is expected to attract strong viral awareness, as well as broad coverage in traditional media.