About Lightplay


Lightplay™ offers a full range of digital game design and development services. One of the earliest mobile game developers in North America, the company was formed in 2001 by a veteran of Electronic Arts and AT&T Wireless.


For more than ten years, Lightplay has provided development services to industry leading mobile game publishers such as Cellfish, THQ, and the Walt Disney Company.


The company has crafted development proposals for some of the world's most recognized content owners including ABC Television, Cartoon Network, ESPN, HBO, NBC/Universal, Sony Pictures, and Warner Bros.


Recipient of industry awards including First-Place Winner, Nokia Developer Challenge; Winner, BlackBerry Developer Gaming Challenge; and 'Best Game for Handheld Devices', International Association of Gaming, Animation and Multimedia.


Rick J. Lucas

Lightplay Managing Partner Rick J. Lucas has dedicated much of his 25+ year career to the development of tabletop, computer, console, and mobile games.

After early experience in hardware and software development that included partnering in a third-party capacity with Steve Jobs at NeXT, Mr. Lucas became an early employee of Electronic Arts.

During his five-year tenure with EA, Mr. Lucas managed the Role-Playing, Adventure, and Strategy game categories across multiple platforms worldwide, working with game designers ranging from Richard Garriott (aka Lord British), to Peter Molyneux, and Gary Gygax (the father of Dungeons & Dragons).

Mr. Lucas left EA to become the Director of Marketing and Strategic Alliances for AT&T Wireless, where he served for several years as the highest-ranking marketing executive for the properties that would later form the nucleus of Verizon Wireless.

After leaving AT&T Wireless, Mr. Lucas formed Lightplay in 2001, making the company one of the earliest mobile developers in North America. In 2008, Mr. Lucas was named co-inventor on a U.S. Patent related to software development for iOS.

Bona Fides

  • To date, Lightplay has developed 14 mobile games under the Lightplay brand, as well as numerous titles for leading publishers and licensors.
  • Rick Lucas with Steve Jobs of NeXT, circa 1988. The NeXT Cube can be seen in the background.
  • Equally at-home in both tabletop and digital gaming, Rick Lucas was a Guest of Honor at the 25th Anniversary Gen Con.
  • As seen in this flyer, Lightplay was already developing titles that advanced the state-of-the-art for mobile gaming, four years before the iPhone.
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  • In the earliest days of mobile gaming, Lightplay developed in WAP for 'thin client' handsets with a small memory footprint, creating games in as little as 12K.
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  • Favoring a tactile approach to design, the creative process used by Rick Lucas begins with detailed, handwritten conceptual notes.
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  • Letter from Gary Gygax (father of Dungeons & Dragons) to Rick Lucas. Mr. Gygax ranks as a major design influence.
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  • Rick Lucas with Steve Wozniak in 2012.
  • While at EA, Rick Lucas managed over two dozen releases for computers and consoles, including some of the company's most notable titles.
  • Despite the rift between Apple and NeXT in the late 1980's, Rick Lucas worked with both companies (at the same time) in a partnership capacity.
  • Earliest digital game designed and programmed by Rick Lucas, dated 1982. Code fully written out in longhand.
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  • In this video, circa 1993, Rick Lucas demonstrates a game for a nationally broadcast computer-themed television program.
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