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Lightplay™ offers a full range of tabletop and digital game design and development services. One of the earliest mobile game developers in North America, the company was formed in 2001 by a veteran of Electronic Arts and AT&T Wireless.


For more than fifteen years, Lightplay has provided game development services to industry leading game publishers, with 30+ published titles in a design or production capacity.


The company has worked in varying capacities with global brand holders including ABC Television, Cartoon Network, ESPN, HBO, NBC/Universal, Sony Pictures, the Walt Disney Company, and Warner Bros.


Best Wireless Game nominee, Spike TV Video Game Awards; First-Place Winner, Nokia Developer Challenge; Winner, BlackBerry Developer Gaming Challenge; Best Game for Handheld Devices, Int'l Association of Gaming, Animation and Multimedia.


R.J. Lucas

Lightplay Managing Partner Rick (R.J.) Lucas has dedicated much of his 30+ year career to the development of tabletop, computer, console, and mobile games.

After early experience in hardware and software development that included partnering in a third-party capacity with Steve Jobs at NeXT, Mr. Lucas became an early employee of Electronic Arts.

During his five-year tenure with EA, Mr. Lucas managed the Role-Playing, Adventure, and Strategy game categories across multiple platforms worldwide, working with game designers ranging from Richard Garriott (aka Lord British), to Peter Molyneux, and Gary Gygax (the father of Dungeons & Dragons).

Mr. Lucas left EA to become the Director of Marketing and Strategic Alliances for AT&T Wireless, where he served for several years as the highest-ranking marketing executive for the properties that would later form the nucleus of Verizon Wireless.

After leaving AT&T Wireless, Mr. Lucas formed Lightplay in 2001, and has been named as inventor or co-inventor on multiple patents related to software and tabletop game development.

Bona Fides

  • The tabletop game 'Hipsters and Hamsters' was a major hit on Kickstarter, exceeding its funding goal by over 200%, with backers in nearly every state and 17 countries around the world.
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  • To date, Lightplay has developed 14 mobile games under the Lightplay brand, as well as numerous titles for leading publishers and licensors.
  • Rick Lucas partnered with Steve Jobs in a third-party capacity during development and release of the NeXT Computer System. The NeXT Cube can be seen in the background.
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  • Equally at-home in both tabletop and digital gaming, Mr. Lucas was a Guest of Honor at the 25th Anniversary Gen Con.
  • As seen in this marketing flyer, Lightplay was already developing titles that advanced the state-of-the-art for mobile gaming four years before the iPhone.
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  • In the earliest days of mobile gaming, Lightplay developed in WAP for 'thin client' handsets with a small memory footprint, creating games in as little as 12K.
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  • Favoring a tactile approach to design, the creative process used by Lightplay begins with detailed, handwritten conceptual notes.
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  • Letter from Gary Gygax (father of Dungeons & Dragons) to Rick Lucas. Mr. Gygax ranks as a major design influence.
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  • Rick Lucas with Steve Wozniak in 2012.
  • While at EA, Mr. Lucas managed over two dozen releases for computers and consoles, including some of the company's most notable titles.
  • Despite the rift between Apple and NeXT in the late 1980's, Mr. Lucas worked with both companies (at the same time) in a partnership capacity.
  • Earliest digital game designed and programmed by Rick Lucas, dated 1982. Code fully written out in longhand.
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  • In this video, circa 1993, Rick Lucas demonstrates a game for a nationally broadcast computer-themed television program.
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Hours of Operation:
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